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Human Impact
Human Impact

Human Impact - Human Impact

“This supergroup’s lineup represents the fulfillment of a noise rock fan’s most fervent wish; the face-melting guitar sound of Chris Spencer (Unsane), coupled with the sampling mastery of Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop), supported by the innovative percussion of Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop, Swans) and strung together with the minimal yet impactful bass rhythms of Chris Pravdica (Swans).” – NY Times. The album is a dark mirror held up to the band’s collective pre-history. It’s sound is cinematic post-industrial filth rock, a rundown subway stops away from recognizable civilization, as futuristic as it is grounded in its sordid heritage.

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"This Dead Sea"


  1. 1. November
  2. 2. E605
  3. 3. Protester
  4. 4. Portrait
  5. 5. Respirator
  6. 6. Cause
  7. 7. Consequences
  8. 8. Relax
  9. 9. Unstable
  10. 10. This Dead Sea