New Releases For September 17, 2013

Hudson Hank
DayBreak (Digital Only)

Hudson Hank - DayBreak (Digital Only)

New York-based band Hudson Hank's debut album, DayBreak, was conceived by songwriter and arranger Sammy Oatts and produced by Coldplay's bassist, Guy Berryman. After building a career as a Broadway and orchestral musician, frontman Oatts decided to get back to his rock and roll roots.

The album contains ten enormous tracks that hearken back to the band's upbringing in the Hudson Valley and their emerging adulthood in the big city. DayBreak shows traces of influences from 90's British alternative to shoegaze, and early renaissance period to modern classical, all of which blend seamlessly to create a listening experience that leaves you with something new each time through.

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  1. 1. The Cut Of Your Gibberish
  2. 2. Earthbone
  3. 3. Homecoming
  4. 4. Breakfast Of Fools
  5. 5. Faceless Nameless
  6. 6. New Year
  7. 7. DayBreak
  8. 8. Jean Marie
  9. 9. Breakfast Of Fools, Part II
  10. 10. Today Is Just Today