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Hour Of Penance

Hour Of Penance - Misotheism

Set in motion in Rome, in 1999, Hour Of Penance traveled a long way to find itself standing strong as one of the most intense, talented and striking death metal acts to emerge from Italy. Their eighth installment Misotheism cloaks the same verve and mindful perfection that led to the band's uprising in the first place. What we receive is far better than what some may have been craving for: Misotheism is a pitch-black and delightfully brutal death metal soundtrack to a collapsing universe.

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"Flames Of Merciless Gods"


  1. 1. Mass Crucifixion Of Kings
  2. 2. Blight And Conquer
  3. 3. Fallen From Ivory Towers
  4. 4. The Second Babel
  5. 5. Lamb Of The Seven Sins
  6. 6. Flames Of Merciless Gods
  7. 7. Sovereign Nation
  8. 8. Dura Lex Sed Lex
  9. 9. Iudex
  10. 10. Occult Den Of Snakes
  11. Limited Edition Bonus Tracks:
  12. 11. Misconception (2007 Demo)
  13. 12. Slavery In A Deaf Decay (2007 Demo)
  14. 13. Hierarchy Of The Fools (2007 Demo)