New Releases For February 1, 2011

Hotel Of The Laughing Tree
Terror And Everything After

Hotel Of The Laughing Tree - Terror And Everything After

Forget about those commercial punksters Good Charlotte or 30 Seconds To Mars and make some room for AJ, Brandon, Neil, Mike N, Anthony and Mike S - the six members of Hotel Of The Laughing Tree.

The band has quite a bit of history already: it formed in 2009 and has won the award for Best Music on Campus in the 6th Annual MTV Woodie Awards. Their music genre circles around punk and indie rock, and in their first full-length album, they are not afraid to show it off and deliver in the style that they know best.

Fans of a fusion of both genres will dig this new contribution as something fresh, edgier and with 'diversity in sound and catchy hooks' - as mentioned by alternative music site AbsolutePunk.

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"Barnaby Bison's Blind"


  1. 1. Barnaby Bison's Blind
  2. 2. Another Harvard Renaissance
  3. 3. Gods Great Gumball Machine
  4. 4. Noah
  5. 5. Winchester Devil Grass
  6. 6. Weather Maps For Nikolai
  7. 7. Sanctuary
  8. 8. Gunpowder Falls
  9. 9. Bad Canterbury
  10. 10. Forging The Family Name
  11. 11. Mont St. Michel
  12. 12. Ghosts In The Basement
  13. 13. Terror And Everything After
  14. 14. Lazarus