New Releases For April 27, 2010

Hot Club Of Detroit
It's About That Time

Hot Club Of Detroit - It's About That Time

'...the band offers compelling evidence of an increasingly mature balance of elements. The Hot Club has by no means turned its back on its roots -- but overall the music clearly packs a more contemporary punch.' - Detroit Free Press

'...bringing with them elements that are keeping the Django Reinhardt jazz style fresh and exciting... they ramp up the gypsy juice all the way.' - Audophile Audition

TAGS: Jazz

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"On The Steps"


  1. 1. On The Steps
  2. 2. Nostalgia In Times Square
  3. 3. Noto Swing
  4. 4. "Tristesse" E Major Etude
  5. 5. Equilibrium
  6. 6. Restless Twilights
  7. 7. For Stephane
  8. 8. Papillon
  9. 9. Duke and Dukie
  10. 10. Heavy Artillerie/It's About That Time
  11. 11. Patio Swing
  12. 12. Sacre Bleu
  13. 13. Sweet Chorus

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