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Hot Chip
Why Make Sense?

Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?

With Why Make Sense?, Hot Chip restate their intentions as a band and redefine the very things that made them relevant in the first place. It shuns modernist dancefloor tropes in order to flick through the dusty corners of the band’s teenage record collections. Alternately jarring and chaotic, pared back, thundering, then pulsating and gloriously mellifluous, the album confidently displays its influences.

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"Huarache Lights"


  1. 1. Huarache Lights
  2. 2. Love Is The Future
  3. 3. Cry For You
  4. 4. Started Right
  5. 5. White Wine And Fried Chicken
  6. 6. Dark Night
  7. 7. Easy To Get
  8. 8. Need You Now
  9. 9. So Much Further To Go
  10. 10. Why Makes Sense

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 30
    Murcia, Spain WARM UP Estrella de Levante 2021
  • Jul 09
    Bruges, Belgium Cactus Festival 2021
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