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Hop Along
Bark Your Head Off, Dog

Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog

Written over the course of 2016 and 2017 and recorded in the summer of the latter year by Frances Quinlan (songwriter/vocalist/rhythm guitar), Tyler Long (bass), Joe Reinhart (guitar), and Mark Quinlan (drums), Bark Your Head Off, Dog addresses disappointment, particularly in man's misuse of power, and relates accounts from the periphery - one's attempts to retreat from the lengthening shadows of tyrants, both historical and every day.

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"How Simple"


  1. 1. How Simple
  2. 2. Somewhere A Judge
  3. 3. How You Got Your Limp
  4. 4. Not Abel
  5. 5. The Fox In Motion
  6. 6. One That Suits Me
  7. 7. What The Writer Meant
  8. 8. Look Of Love
  9. 9. Prior Things

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