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Billy Jack


HoneyHoney is the jazzy, twangy, rollicking collaboration between vocalist Suzanne Santo and guitarist Ben Jaffe. Billy Jack is the sophomore release from the duo who have just finished up a momentous tour with Christina Perri and jumped back on the road with Joshua James.

With fiddles threading the melodies, big acoustic guitar sounds and banjos plinking as percussively as melodically, there is an old world feel to HoneyHoney that is as fresh and right now as it is tube radios and old lace.

TAGS: Americana

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  1. 1. Angel Of Death
  2. 2. Glad I've Done What I Did
  3. 3. Ohio
  4. 4. Don't Know How
  5. 5. Turn That Finger Around
  6. 6. I Don't Mind
  7. 7. Old School Friends
  8. 8. Let's Get Wrecked
  9. 9. LA River
  10. 10. All On You
  11. 11. Thin Line

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