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Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook - Twice

Twice sees Hollie's obvious love of reggae joined by other influences including Bond-like strings, Brazilian percussion, dark disco and shades of Giorgio Moroder. She is joined on the album by Dennis Bovell, Omar, George Dekker and Winston Francis. The strings on the album are the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra and choir. The album was produced by Prince Fatty.

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"Looking For Real Love"


  1. 1. Ari Up
  2. 2. 99
  3. 3. Desdemona
  4. 4. Tiger Balm
  5. 5. Postman
  6. 6. Looking For Real Love
  7. 7. Superfast
  8. 8. Twice
  9. 9. Win Or Loose

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 23
    Bratislava, Slovakia Uprising Festival 2019
  • Sep 11
    Los Angeles, CA, US Hollie Cook with DJ Tom Chasteen and Boss Harmony at Echoplex
  • Sep 11
    Santa Monica, CA, US Hollie Cook with Western Standard Time and Upstream at Santa Monica Pier
  • Sep 21
    Manchester, UK Hollie Cook with Flamingods and Blue Lab Beats at Band on the Wall
  • Sep 25
    Brighton, UK Hollie Cook at Prince Albert
  • Sep 27
    Bristol, UK Gardna with Hollie Cook, Kiko Bun, Dread MC, and 4 moreā€¦ at Thekla
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