New Releases For August 20, 2013

His Electro Blue Voice
Ruthless Sperm

His Electro Blue Voice - Ruthless Sperm

Ruthless Sperm is Italian band His Electro Blue Voice's debut album, following a string of collectible singles/EPs and an appearance on the Sub Pop 1000 compilation.

Ruthless Sperm is thirty-plus minutes of blaring cyber-synth attacks and Stooges-meets-Killing Joke throb. Yet for all the bombast and bummer, His Electro Blue Voice still bring forth euphoric hooks and shards of shoegaze. You can hear the sounds of the early 4AD roster in the grooves, left teetering between warped indie sensibility and creepy-crawl madness. Crazy sounding, but damned if it doesn't stick in your head.

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"Sea Bug"


  1. 1. Death Climb
  2. 2. Spit Dirt
  3. 3. Sea Bug
  4. 4. Tumor
  5. 5. The Path
  6. 6. Born Tired
  7. 7. Red Earth