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Hiromi - Spectrum

The brilliantly gifted pianist/composer Hiromi reflects on a decade of musical growth and evolution on her stunning second solo album. Spectrum. “The sound of a pianist changes with age and with every experience in life,” she says.

“[Jazz] cannot thrive and will not survive unless the new generation is alerted of the new innovators residing among them just beyond their range of hearing. Hiromi is one of those innovators.” – All About Jazz

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  1. 1. Kaleidoscope
  2. 2. Whiteout
  3. 3. Yellow Wurlitizer Blues
  4. 4. Spectrum
  5. 5. Blackbird
  6. 6. Mr. C.C.
  7. 7. Once In A Blue Moon
  8. 8. Rhapsody In Various Shade Of Blue
  9. 9. Sepia Effect

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 19
    Victoria, BC, Canada "CANCELLED" TD Victoria International JazzFest 2020
  • Jun 22
    Victoria, BC, Canada Hiromi with Wes Carroll Trio at Royal Theatre
  • Jun 23
    Vancouver, BC, Canada Hiromi at Vancouver Playhouse
  • Jul 09
    Rotterdam, Netherlands North Sea Jazz Festival 2020
  • Jul 15
    Ostrava, Czech Republic Colours Of Ostrava 2020
  • Sep 23
    Essen, Germany Klavier-Festival Ruhr 2020
  • Apr 13
    Luzern, Switzerland Hiromi with Jazz Classics at KKL Luzern
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