New Releases For May 12, 2015

When The Smoke Clears

Hinder - When The Smoke Clears

Hinder, an American rock band from Oklahoma, is proud to to release their 5th studio album, When The Smoke Clears. The band, best known for their early hits like “Lips Of An Angel” and “Better Than Me”, is made up of drummer Cody Hanson, guitarists Joe “Blower” Garvey and Mark King, bassist Mike Rodden, and new lead singer Marshal Dutton, who has been a longtime collaborator with the band. The lead single “Hit The Ground” has already taken off at Active Rock radio and has set the tone for what is to come for this multi-platinum band.

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"Hit The Ground"


  1. 1. Rather Hate Than Hurt
  2. 2. Hit The Ground
  3. 3. Wasted Life
  4. 4. If Only For Tonight
  5. 5. Intoxicated
  6. 6. Dead To Me
  7. 7. Foolish Eyes
  8. 8. Nothing Left To Lose
  9. 9. Letting Go
  10. 10. I Need Another Drink

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 23
    Flint, MI, US Hinder with Blacktop Mojo at The Machine Shop
  • Apr 15
    Chesterfield, MI, US Hinder at Diesel Concert Lounge Detroit
  • Apr 17
    Effingham, IL, US Hinder at Effingham Performance Center
  • May 22
    Portland, ME, US Buckcherry, Hinder, and Blacktop Mojo at Aura
  • May 23
    Hampton, NH, US Buckcherry and Hinder at Wally's Pub
  • May 27
    Norwalk, CT, US Buckcherry with Hinder at Wall Street Theater
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