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Uprising Of The Fallen

Hetroertzen - Uprising Of The Fallen

Initially started as a a solo project until Deacon D. was joined by guitarist Åskväder in September 1999, Hetroertzen was born. After a hiatus, Hetroertzen resurfaced in Sweden in 2009 with the release of Exaltation Of Wisdom. That album put forward the band’s early interest in the occult, Gnosticism and Illumination. 2017’s new and long expected album Uprising Of The Fallen promises to crush legions of fans of the genre. The band comments on the move from the previous album, “We wanted to take our music one step further, make it more straightforward and intense, but the concept is based upon the same core.”

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"Path Bearer"


  1. 1. Uprising Of The Fallen
  2. 2. Zealous Procreation
  3. 3. The Fallen Star
  4. 4. Path Bearer
  5. 5. The Trial
  6. 6. Upon The Thresholds
  7. 7. Perception Of The Unseen
  8. 8. Lost And Betrayed