New Releases For April 15, 2016


Herrick - Cottonfields

They are award-winning, and dancing on a multi-genre musical radar. And now, after the trendsetting self-made album, New Dance, Herrick is back with another ballsy opus. Cottonfields confirms that this band has no interest in following trends, but instead is in pursuit of timeless expression. With this musically combustible and conceptually dazzling work, Herrick forcefully takes its place alongside the best of its peers while building on the rich legacy of its own inspirations. Cottonfields represents a rite of passage for a band that is knocking on the door of greatness.

TAGS: Americana

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"Freedom Love"


  1. 1. Cottonfields
  2. 2. Hurt Like Heat
  3. 3. In California
  4. 4. Uh Oh
  5. 5. Life In A Song
  6. 6. Like A Disease
  7. 7. Freedom Love
  8. 8. Your Love
  9. 9. Said And Done
  10. 10. Together