New Releases For August 16, 2011

Hercules & Love Affair
Blue Songs

Hercules & Love Affair - Blue Songs

Hercules and Love Affair's myth started with the worldwide club smash 'Blind.' Their self-titled debut garnered considerable critical and commercial acclaim around the world. It was named a Breakthrough Album of the Year by the New York Times and featured in Pitchfork's Top Ten albums of 2008. The legend continues with their second album Blue Songs. Lead single 'My House' is already an international club staple and the new U.S. version has three additional bonus tracks and comes with a bonus remix CD.

On Blue Songs, Hercules' mastermind Andy Butler has shifted the focus gently away from the New York house and disco forms of the debut; relocating to Denver and recording the album in Vienna with techno producer Patrick Pulsinger. Kim Ann Foxman returns on vocals, and is joined in starring roles by Venezuelan singer Aerea Negrot, fan-turned-collaborator Shaun Wright , Kele Okereke (Bloc Party) and Mark Pistel (Meat Beat Manifesto/Consolidated). Blue Songs sees Butler broaden his musical palette - 'There's definitely jacking house and there's definitely even more full-blown disco, but there's also more experimental, softer music' he explains. Be sure to catch the band on their extensive U.S. tour as part of the Identity Festival to coincide with the release this summer.

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"Painted Eyes"


  1. DISC ONE:
  2. 1. Painted Eyes
  3. 2. My House
  4. 3. Answers Come In Dreams
  5. 4. Leonora
  6. 5. Boy Blue
  7. 6. Blue Songs
  8. 7. Falling
  9. 8. I Can't Wait
  10. 9. Step Up
  11. 10. Visitor
  12. 11. It's Alright

  14. 12. Revenge
  15. 13. Chanel
  16. 14. Shelter

  17. DISC TWO:
  19. 1. Stopmakingm Remix
  20. 2. Tensnake Remix
  21. 3. Derrick Carter's BHQ Voodoo Remix
  22. 4. Andy Butler Remix

  24. 5. In Flagranti Remix
  25. 6. Moonlight Matters Remix
  26. 7. Wolfram Remix