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Hellbound Glory
Damaged Goods

Hellbound Glory - Damaged Goods

As their name alludes, Hellbound Glory is well on their way to proving they are a force to be reckoned with in the country music. Fusing superior song writing and hard living characters with a hard-edged country honky tonk sound. The group is known for its instrumental dexterity, while vivacious frontman Leroy Virgil and his compadres are also notorious for their down-home, good-old-boy attitude. This type of attitude and song writing chops, to back it up, have won over fans far and wide. Whether they are playing in front of two hundred or two thousand, Hellbound Glory delivers on their performance and leaves audiences begging for more as they envelop the crowd with Leroy's powerful story telling and showmanship.

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"Bastard Child"


  1. 1. Bastard Child
  2. 2. Til The Lights Go Out
  3. 3. Lost Cause
  4. 4. Knocked Off The Horse
  5. 5. She Left Me In Modesto
  6. 6. Better Hope You Die Young
  7. 7. White Wolf
  8. 8. Gonna Be A Goner
  9. 9. Bar Room Beauty
  10. 10. Living With The Shades Pulled Down

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