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Heidi Talbot
Angels Without Wings

Heidi Talbot - Angels Without Wings

With a voice called 'both awestruck and tender' by the New York Times, Irish songbird Heidi Talbot (Cherish the Ladies) presents glowing original compositions ranging in style from Americana to Irish folk, featuring collaborations with diverse and esteemed guests Mark Knopfler, Jerry Douglas, Tim O'Brien, Julie Fowlis and many others.

On her fourth solo album, she teams up again with producer and husband John McCusker to deliver her most engaging set yet.

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"Will I Ever Get To Sleep"


  1. 1. Angels Without Wings
  2. 2. Wine & Roses
  3. 3. Dearest Johnny
  4. 4. Button Up
  5. 5. The Loneliest
  6. 6. New Cajun Waltz
  7. 7. Will I Ever Get To Sleep
  8. 8. When The Roses Come Again
  9. 9. I'm Not Sorry
  10. 10. My Sister The Moon
  11. 11. Arcadia

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 01
    Shipley, UK Heidi Talbot with John McCusker at The Live Room @ Caroline Social Club
  • Jun 02
    Bury, UK Heidi Talbot and John McCusker at The Met
  • Jun 03
    Sheffield, UK Heidi Talbot with John McCusker at The Greystones
  • Jun 15
    Glasgow, UK Heidi Talbot at Cottiers Theatre
  • Jul 03
    Cambridge, UK Heidi Talbot at J2, Cambridge Junction
  • Jul 12
    London, UK Heidi Talbot with John McCusker at Kings Place
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