New Releases For April 23, 2013

Heaven & Earth

Heaven & Earth - Dig

Taking up from where iconic bands like Deep Purple and Bad Company have left off, Heaven & Earth is on a mission to resurrect the sanctity of classic rock to its purest, most accessible form.

Heaven & Earth's new album Dig fuses elements of hard rock, blues, even bits of classical, to create a potent blend of high-powered anthems, melodic rockers and introspective ballads that evoke the spirit of a magical era.

Old school rock with a new school attitude.

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"No Money, No Love"


  1. 1. Victorious
  2. 2. No Money, No Love
  3. 3. I Don't Know What Love Is
  4. 4. Man & Machine
  5. 5. House Of Blues
  6. 6. Back In Anger
  7. 7. Waiting For The End Of The World
  8. 8. Sexual Insanity
  9. 9. Rock & Roll Does
  10. 10. A Day Like Today
  11. 11. Good Times
  12. 12. Live As One