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Heartless Bastards - Arrow

The commanding presence of Heartless Bastards' Erika Wennerstrom - who sings, plays guitar and writes the band's songs - dominates all four of Heartless Bastards' albums, including their latest, Arrow.

While the rawness of the group's early days has since been refined, a current of tension still roils just beneath the surface. It may open as a lazy shuffle, but the single 'Parted Ways' builds and builds, hanging onto every confidently delivered word until it blooms into a sprawling guitar solo retreats to calmer terrain and finally accelerates with abandon.

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"Parted Ways"


  1. 1. Marathon
  2. 2. Parted Ways
  3. 3. Got To Have Rock And Roll
  4. 4. Only For You
  5. 5. Simple Feeling
  6. 6. Skin And Bone
  7. 7. The Arrow Killed The Beast
  8. 8. Late In The Night
  9. 9. Low Low Low
  10. 10. Down In The Canyon