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Death Magic

HEALTH - Death Magic

HEALTH formed in 2006 around the noise/punk scene emerging from downtown LA club, The Smell. The four-piece combine incredible musicality (vocals, drums, guitars, bass & keys) with visceral electronics to form a sound unlike anything in music today, forging heavy rock and experimental electronic elements. Fans include Trent Reznor (HEALTH toured with NIN), Adult Swim and Eric Wareheim, as well as press, NonComm radio and a truly global audience.

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  1. 1. Victim
  2. 2. Stonefist
  3. 3. Men Today
  4. 4. Flesh World (UK)
  5. 5. Courtship II
  6. 6. Dark Enough
  7. 7. Life
  8. 8. Salvia
  9. 9. New Coke
  10. 10. L.A. Looks
  11. 11. Hurt Yourself
  12. 12. Drugs Exist

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 28
    Dublin, Ireland HEALTH at The Grand Social
  • May 29
    Galway, Ireland HEALTH at Róisín Dubh
  • May 30
    Belfast, UK HEALTH at Black Box
  • May 31
    London, UK All Points East 2019
  • Jun 11
    Buenos Aires, Argentina The Neighbourhood and HEALTH at Teatro Vorterix
  • Jun 13
    São Paulo, Brazil HEALTH and The Neighbourhood at Tom Brasil
  • Jun 14
    São Paulo, Brazil HEALTH and The Neighbourhood at Tom Brasil
  • Jun 16
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil HEALTH and The Neighbourhood at Vivo Rio
  • Jul 05
    Moscow, Russian Federation Festival of Pain 2019
  • Jul 08
    St. Petersburg, Russian Federation HEALTH at MOD Club
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