New Releases For August 21, 2015

Hate Eternal

Hate Eternal - Infernus

Legendary death metal juggernaut Hate Eternal, the brainchild of extreme metal luminary Erik Rutan, has unleashed its long-awaited new album Infernus. The band's first new album in four years, Infernus doubles down on their patented, high-velocity assault of dizzying death metal ferocity, and melds it with the best songwriting of their career. Songs such as "The Stygian Deep," "Pathogenic Apathy," "Zealot," "Crusader Of War," "Infernus," and more see a band as dynamic as they are brutal. Infernus is Hate Eternal's tour-de-force and arguably the best death metal record of 2015.

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"The Stygian Deep"


  1. 1. Locust Swarm
  2. 2. The Stygian Deep
  3. 3. Pathogenic Apathy
  4. 4. La Tempestad
  5. 5. Infernus
  6. 6. The Chosen One
  7. 7. Zealot, Crusader Of War
  8. 8. Order Of The Arcane Scripture
  9. 9. Chaos Theory
  10. 10. O’ Majestic Being, Hear My Call