New Releases For June 22, 2018

Dying To Exist

HATCHET - Dying To Exist

Fueled by the twin guitar attack of vocalist Julz Ramos and Clayton Cagle, bassist Devin Reiche, and drummer Ben Smith, HATCHET have built a reputation for themselves of carrying the torch of classic Bay Area metal. Dying To Exist, their fourth release, and first on Combat Records, is the band’s heaviest and most focused record to date. After losing a ton of gear in the 2017 Northern California firestorm, the band ran a successful crowdfunding campaign and immediately hit the studio to bring forth their signature blistering metal to the HATCHET legions.

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"Desire For Oppression"


  1. 1. Unraveling Existence
  2. 2. Silent Genocide
  3. 3. Desire For Oppression
  4. 4. Illusions Of Hope
  5. 5. Warsaw
  6. 6. Where Futures Regress
  7. 7. Back Into Dust
  8. 8. Final Sanctuary
  9. 9. Descent Into Madness
  10. 10. Oblivious To Disorder
  11. 11. Hail To The Lies
  12. 12. World In A World