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Haste The Day
Best Of The Best

Haste The Day - Best Of The Best

The Indianapolis five-piece spent their career rolling with the punches, taking the highlights and the challenges in equal measure.

Embraced by a global fan base of rock and metal fans, Haste The Day released five revered albums despite member shifts that might have leveled a lesser band. Always driving them forward was the unwavering adoration of their legion of fans, who helped to make them one of the most successful and enduring metalcore bands of their generation.

Best of the Best is a greatest hits compilation featuring the band's most essential tracks, including the songs 'Pressure The Hinges,' 'Mad Man,' and more.

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"When Everything Falls"


  1. 1. Blue 42
  2. 2. American Love
  3. 3. Fallen
  4. 4. Walk On
  5. 5. When Everything Falls
  6. 6. Pressure The Hinges
  7. 7. Stitches
  8. 8. Chorus Of Angels
  9. 9. 68
  10. 10. Mad Man
  11. 11. Autumn
  12. 12. Dog Like Vultures
  13. 13. Travesty

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