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Harry Nilsson
Flash Harry

Harry Nilsson - Flash Harry

Harry Nilsson's last album, unavailable for over 30 Years, has finally been released for the first time ever in North America.

Flash Harry was the 16th and final album released by Harry Nilsson. Originally issued only on vinyl in the U.K. and Japan. This legendary album has never been released in the U.S., and has not been available on CD.

The CD also includes three previously unreleased songs and an alternate version of 'Old Dirt Road.' The Flash Harry CD booklet features new commentary by Nilsson collaborators and friends, including Eric Idle, Van Dyke Parks, Jim Keltner and Rick Christian.

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"Old Dirt Road"


  1. 1. Harry - Eric Idle And Charlie Dore
  2. 2. Cheek To Cheek
  3. 3. Best Move
  4. 4. Old Dirt Road
  5. 5. I Don't Need You
  6. 6. Rain
  7. 7. I've Got It
  8. 8. It's So Easy
  9. 9. How Long Can Disco On
  10. 10. Bright Side Of Life

  12. 11. Old Dirt Road (Alternate Version)
  13. 12. Feet
  14. 13. Leave The Rest To Molly
  15. 14. She Drifted Away

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