New Releases For October 27, 2014

Hard Working Americans
The First Waltz

Hard Working Americans - The First Waltz

The First Waltz deluxe CD/DVD set includes a feature length rockumentary film and a live album soundtrack.

Mixing intimate concert performances, road scenes, personal tales, and studio footage, The First Waltz arrives at a crucial moment to remind us that Jerry Garcia is as important as Ben Franklin and that rock 'n' roll is as much a birthright as the Constitution.

Director Justin Kreutzmann brings us an insightful, copacetic-minded snapshot of this fertile new collaboration for battered-but-unbroken hippy musical lifers Todd Snider, Dave Schools, Neal Casal, Chad Staehly, Duane Trucks and Jesse Aycock.


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"Come From The Heart"


  1. 1. Blackland Farmer
  2. 2. Another Train / Working Man Blues
  3. 3. Play A Train Song
  4. 4. Mission Accomplished
  5. 5. Run A Mile
  6. 6. I Don't Have A Gun
  7. 7. The Mountain Song
  8. 8. Straight To Hell
  9. 9. Stomp And Holler
  10. 10. Guaranteed
  11. 11. Wrecking Ball
  12. 12. Come From The Heart