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Hanging Garden
At Every Door

Hanging Garden - At Every Door

Dark, melancholic and spiced up with some well-dosed heaviness At Every Door is the perfect soundtrack for dark winter days. Imagine a mix of bands like Cult Of Luna, Sisters Of Mercy, Daylight Dies, Ghost Brigade and The Cure.

The Finns do not follow trends and defy conventions. At Every Door is an apocalyptic view on the world dominated by humans and a balefully future. Even without noticeable velocity Hanging Garden create lasting impressive contrasts that affect their listeners in the innermost.

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"Ten Thousand Cranes"


  1. 1. Ten Thousand Cranes
  2. 2. Ash And Dust
  3. 3. Hegira
  4. 4. Wormwood
  5. 5. At Every Door
  6. 6. The Cure
  7. 7. Evenfall
  8. 8. To End All Ages