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Hand Habits

Hand Habits - placeholder

Meg Duffy describes these songs as their most direct to date, crafted with clear intention, and unlike Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void), placeholder doesn’t meander. “It’s less of a submerged landscape and more a concise series of thoughts,” Meg explains. placeholder is another entry in the Hand Habits songbook, but it’s also a valuable testament of our time. While placeholder inspires a sense of ease, simple questions rarely beget easy answers and Meg honors the indescribable joy and profound sorrow that comes with figuring things out, one step at a time.

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  1. 1. Placeholder
  2. 2. Can’t Calm Down
  3. 3. Pacify
  4. 4. Jessica
  5. 5. Yr Heart (Reprise)
  6. 6. Heat
  7. 7. Are You Serious?
  8. 8. Wildfire
  9. 9. What’s The Use
  10. 10. Guardrail/Pwrline
  11. 11. What Lovers Do
  12. 12. The Book On How To Change Part II