New Releases For June 8, 2010

Hail The Villain
Population: Declining

Hail The Villain - Population: Declining

Hail The Villain is a band with big ideas. They want to create an entire Hail The Villain universe. With the help of Rune Entertainment, an animation production house the band created the shocking animated video for the first single 'Take Back The Fear,' a Hail The Villain comic book, and a groundbreaking interactive website. Drawing inspiration for the album's songs, the band created a tale of hate, lust and deceit. They gave the characters life and then set out to give them form

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Take Back The Fear"


  1. 1. Take Back The Fear
  2. 2. My Reward
  3. 3. Runaway
  4. 4. 16 Cradles
  5. 5. Evil Has A Name
  6. 6. Try Hating The World
  7. 7. Glad To Be
  8. 8. Blackout
  9. 9. Pyro
  10. 10. Mission Control
  11. 11. Swan Dive Suicide
  12. 12. Social Graces