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Nex Nihil

Hacavitz - Nex Nihil

The triumphant return of the #1 Hispanic black/death metal band, and the most rocking death metal album since Dissection’s Reinkaos and Bolt Thrower’s Warmaster. Nex Nihil showcases raging Wraith-like, forked-tongue black death metal vocals, multi-layered guitars that weave in and out with angular death to black metal riffing, pounding bass and perfectly timed drumming crafting infernal Quetzalcoatlian nahual spells. Completely rocking, hook-laden black death metal from beginning to end. With Nex Nihil, Hacavitz reap a multi-lingual whirlwind of serpentine blackened death metal immersed in pre-Hispanic mythology that spells the end in any language.

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"Semen Nihil"


  1. 1. Grimmagia
  2. 2. Nighte
  3. 3. Relentless Sleep
  4. 4. Perish
  5. 5. Semen Nihil
  6. 6. Unconsecrate
  7. 7. Rabid The Moon