New Releases For September 20, 2011

Ghosts Upon The Earth

Gungor - Ghosts Upon The Earth

Ghosts Upon The Earth, the new album from Grammy nominee Gungor, was produced by the band's namesake, Michael Gungor. This follow-up to the critically acclaimed Beautiful Things was composed as a full narrative and has already been named an early pick for Album of The Year by Relevant magazine. Known for their innovative live performance, Gungor will take to the road with the David Crowder Band for 31 dates this fall in support of the release.

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"When Death Dies"


  1. 1. Let There Be
  2. 2. Brother Moon
  3. 3. Crags And Clay
  4. 4. The Fall
  5. 5. When Death Dies
  6. 6. Church Bells
  7. 7. Wake Up Sleeper
  8. 8. Ezekiel
  9. 9. Vous Ete Mon Coeur (You Are My Heart)
  10. 10. This Is Not The End
  11. 11. You Are The Beauty
  12. 12. Every Breath