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Dimensions Of Horror

Gruesome - Dimensions Of Horror

A six-song slab of grisly, bone-breaking jams that proves that no matter the decade, old-school death metal is always relevant, savage, and irresistible.

For Fans Of: Death, Obituary, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Possessed

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"Dimensions Of Horror"


  1. 1. Forces Of Death
  2. 2. Raped By Darkness
  3. 3. Amputation
  4. 4. Hellbound
  5. 5. Seven Doors
  6. 6. Dimensions Of Horror

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 30
    Reims, France Gruesome and Krisiun at LA CARTONNERIE
  • Apr 09
    Paris, France Krisiun with Gruesome at O'Sullivan's Backstage by the Mill
  • Apr 13
    London, UK Krisiun with Gruesome and V.i.t.r.i.o.l. at Boston Music Room
  • Apr 14
    Glasgow, UK Krisiun with Gruesome at Audio, Glasgow
  • Apr 15
    Manchester, UK Krisiun with Gruesome and V.i.t.r.i.o.l. at Rebellion
  • Apr 16
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Krisiun, Gruesome, and V.i.t.r.i.o.l. at The Cluny 2
  • Apr 18
    Dublin, Ireland Krisiun, V.i.t.r.i.o.l., and Gruesome at Voodoo Lounge Dublin
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