New Releases For April 21, 2015

Great Lake Swimmers
A Forest Of Arms

Great Lake Swimmers - A Forest Of Arms

As with past albums, Great Lake Swimmers recorded A Forest Of Arms in numerous untraditional locations over the span of several months, covering extensive new territory while remaining true to the group’s refined sound. One of those locations was the Tyendinaga Cavern and Caves in Ontario where they recorded a number of the acoustic guitar tracks for the album amid the acoustics, stalactites, and circling bats.

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"Zero In The City


  1. 1. Something Like A Storm

  2. 2. Zero In The City

  3. 3. Shaking All Over
  4. 4. Don’t Leave Me Hanging

  5. 5. One More Charge At The Red Cape
  6. 6. I Was A Wayward Pastel Bay

  7. 7. A Bird Flew Inside The House
  8. 8. A Jukebox In A Desert Of Snow
  9. 9. I Must Have Someone Else’s Blues
  10. 10. The Great Bear

  11. 11. With Every Departure

  12. 12. Expecting You

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 31
    Borgerhout, Belgium The Sisters Of Mercy and Great Lake Swimmers with Picastro at TRIX
  • Apr 03
    London, UK Great Lake Swimmers with Picastro at St Pancras Old Church
  • Apr 06
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Great Lake Swimmers at The Cluny
  • Apr 08
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Great Lake Swimmers, Picastro, M.O.P., and Lords of the Underground at Q-Factory
  • Apr 10
    Berlin, Germany Great Lake Swimmers at Privatclub
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