New Releases For May 5, 2017


Grayscale - Adornment

Working with producer Kyle Black (State Champs, Handguns, Hit The Lights) for their Fearless Records debut album, Adornment, Grayscale has honed their talent of constructing strong hooks, relatable lyrics and catchy riffs, all the while coming into their own distinguished sound. Through their unbarred emotion and unique blend of alternative rock and punk roots, Adornment, sees the band expand their sonic palette, further illuminating their skill of creating well-narrated stories paired with palpable emotion that urges listeners to dive in and craft their own narratives.

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  1. 1. Let It Rain
  2. 2. Come Undone
  3. 3. Slipping Away
  4. 4. Atlantic
  5. 5. Forever Yours
  6. 6. Beautiful Things
  7. 7. Mum
  8. 8. Fever Dream
  9. 9. Echoes (Carry On)
  10. 10. Slept
  11. 11. If I Ever See You Again