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Grass Widow
Past Time

Grass Widow - Past Time

The name Grass Widow is a coupling of words, which when combined, provide a basis for multiple meanings. Bassist/vocalist, Hannah Lew, drummer/vocalist, Lillian Maring and guitarist/vocalist, Raven Mahon chose the name for their San Francisco-based three-piece as a way to represent the approach they take to writing music. The phrase is rooted in 17th century literature; commonly referring to a woman whose husband is away at sea, but the visual associations of each word also provides an opportunity to interpret meaning on multiple levels. 'For me' says Maring, 'it's about a state of solitude when you realize parts of you may be missing.' Lew adds: 'The name Grass Widow refers to elements of the unknown or the subconscious, things not in plain sight.'

Grass Widow approaches lyrical content in much the same way, using metaphor to express complicated, intimate themes. Inspired by the personal, they use myth and allegory to synthesize ideas and create new landscapes wherein listeners can draw their own meaning.


  1. 1. Uncertain Memory
  2. 2. Shadow
  3. 3. 11 of Diamonds
  4. 4. Give Me Shapes
  5. 5. Old Disguise
  6. 6. Fried Egg
  7. 7. Landscape
  8. 8. Submarine
  9. 9. Strangers Come
  10. 10. Tuesday