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Grant Hart
The Argument

Grant Hart - The Argument

As a founding member and half of the songwriting engine that drove Husker Du to his maverick solo work, Grant Hart has cut a singular path across the last three decades.

The Argument is an epic based on John Milton's Paradise Lost. Hart distills its essence into pop rock nuggets that flit through the history of 20th century music from Cole Porter to Buddy Holly to David Bowie to... even Husker Du. Yes, it's ambitious as hell and yes, he pulls it off.

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"Is The Sky The Limit?"


  1. 1. Out Of Chaos
  2. 2. Morningstar
  3. 3. Awake, Arise!
  4. 4. If We Have The Will
  5. 5. I Will Never See My Home
  6. 6. I Am Death
  7. 7. Sin
  8. 8. Letting Me Out
  9. 9. Is The Sky The Limit?
  10. 10. Golden Chain
  11. 11. So Far From Heaven
  12. 12. Shine, Shine, Shine
  13. 13. It Isn't Love
  14. 14. War In Heaven
  15. 15. Glorious
  16. 16. (It Was A) Most Disturbing Dream
  17. 17. Underneath The Apple Tree
  18. 18. The Argument
  19. 19. Run For The Wilderness
  20. 20. For Those Too High Aspiring

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