New Releases For March 6, 2012

Good Old War
Come Back As Rain

Good Old War - Come Back As Rain

Over the past three years, indie-folk trio Good Old War has captivated countless audiences with their acoustic-driven, sing-along-inspiring live performances. Now, with the release of their third full-length record Come Back As Rain, the Philadelphia-based band harnesses the high-spirited simplicity that makes their shows so unforgettable.

Like Only Way To Be Alone (Good Old War's 2008 debut) and their 2010 self-titled sophomore effort, Come Back As Rain showcases the delicately textured melodies and multipart harmonies that have become the band's signature. Once again revealing their penchant for infectious folk-pop, Good Old War this time sharpens their sound by infusing Come Back As Rain with the same joyful passion they've ceaselessly brought to the stage.

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"Calling Me Names"


  1. 1. Over And Over
  2. 2. Calling Me Names
  3. 3. Amazing Eyes
  4. 4. Better Weather
  5. 5. Can't Go Home
  6. 6. Not Quite Happiness
  7. 7. Touch The Clouds (Taste The Ground)
  8. 8. It Hurts Every Time
  9. 9. After The Party
  10. 10. Loud Love
  11. 11. Present For The End Of The World

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