New Releases For November 2, 2010

Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte - Cardiology

Good Charlotte release their highly anticipated fifth full-length album, Cardiology, almost exactly ten years after their self-titled debut put them on the map as one of the most exciting bands of the decade.

Continuing with the band's traditional adventurous musical persona, Cardiology features everything from the dance floor-friendly first single 'Like It's Her Birthday' to future anthems like 'Silver Screen Romance' and 'Last Night,' while still effortlessly retaining the band's signature sound in the process.

Since their debut release in 2000, Good Charlotte has sold over 10 million records and toured the world with top radio hits like 'The Anthem,' 'Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous' and 'Hold On.'

TAGS: Alternative | Punk

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"Like It's Her Birthday"


  1. 1. Introduction To Cardiology
  2. 2. Let The Music Play
  3. 3. Counting The Days
  4. 4. Silver Screen Romance
  5. 5. Like It's Her Birthday
  6. 6. Last Night
  7. 7. Sex On The Radio
  8. 8. Alive
  9. 9. Standing Ovation
  10. 10. Harlow's Song (Can't Dream Without You)
  11. 11. Interlude: The Fifth Chamber
  12. 12. 1979
  13. 13. There She Goes
  14. 14. Right Where I Belong
  15. 15. Cardiology

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