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Gogol Bordello
Trans-Continental Hustle

Gogol Bordello - Trans-Continental Hustle

Trans-Continental Hustle is Gogol Bordello's eagerly-awaited fifth studio album and the first to be released since 2007's Super Taranta! landed Gogol Bordello the honor of being called 'the world's most visionary band' by Robert Christgau, the dean of American rock critics.

Produced by Grammy award-winning producer RICK RUBIN, Trans-Continental Hustle combines the band's radical invocations of positive primal energy and planetary consciousness with music infused with ska, metal, punk, rap, dub, and intimations of indigenous Brazilian sounds to produce a party maelstrom of electrifying proportions.

Led by revolutionary change agent and provocateur Eugene Hutz, Gogol Bordello, a nine-piece juggernaut of gypsy rebel soul, has become an international force to be reckoned with.

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"Pala Tute"


  1. 1. Pala Tute
  2. 2. My Companjera
  3. 3. Sun Is On My Side
  4. 4. Rebellious Love
  5. 5. Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher)
  6. 6. When Universes Collide
  7. 7. Uma Menina Uma Cigana
  8. 8. Raise the Knowledge
  9. 9. Last One Goes the Hope
  10. 10. To Rise Above
  11. 11. In the Meantime in Pernambuco
  12. 12. Break the Spell
  13. 13. Trans-Continental Hustle

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 25
    Karlsruhe, Germany Gogol Bordello at Substage
  • Jul 27
    Saint-Nazaire, France Jane Birkin with Feder, Eddy De Pretto, Gogol Bordello, and 7 more… at Le Port
  • Jul 27
    Habère-Poche, France Matmatah with Danakil, Erotic Market, FEFÈ, and 5 more… at La Frastaz
  • Jul 28
    Habère-Poche, France Gogol Bordello with Chinese Man, Jahneration, and Païaka at La Frastaz
  • Aug 03
    Floreffe, Belgium Festival Esperanzah! 2018
  • Aug 08
    Budapest, Hungary Sziget Festival 2018
  • Aug 17
    Leipzig, Germany Highfield Festival 2018
  • Aug 17
    Biddinghuizen, Netherlands Lowlands Festival 2018
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