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Gogol Bordello
Seekers And Finders

Gogol Bordello - Seekers And Finders

Seekers And Finders is the seventh album in Gogol Bordello’s wide-ranging oeuvre capturing their trademark gypsy punk, familia transcontinental lifestyle. Written over an extended time on three different continents, the album finds the nine-piece multi-cultural band in top form - an aural party of violins, accordions, trumpet, marimba amongst the standard rock basics of guitars, drum and bass. Catch the band on a headlining tour August through November, including Riot Fest.

TAGS: Alternative | Punk

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"Walking On The Burning Coal"


  1. 1. Did It All
  2. 2. Walking On The Burning Coal
  3. 3. Break Into Your Higher Self
  4. 4. Seekers And Finders
  5. 5. Familia Bonfireball
  6. 6. Clearvoyance
  7. 7. Saboteur Blues
  8. 8. Love Gangsters
  9. 9. If I Ever Get Home Before Dark
  10. 10. You Know Who We Are (Uprooted Funk)
  11. 11. Still That Way

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 06
    South Burlington, VT, US Gogol Bordello at Higher Ground Ballroom
  • May 07
    Montreal, QC, Canada Gogol Bordello at MTELUS
  • May 08
    Toronto, ON, Canada Gogol Bordello at Queen Elizabeth Theatre
  • May 09
    Cleveland, OH, US Gogol Bordello at Agora Theatre & Ballroom
  • May 11
    Madison, WI, US Gogol Bordello at The Sylvee
  • May 12
    West Des Moines, IA, US Gogol Bordello at Val Air Ballroom
  • May 13
    Kansas City, MO, US Gogol Bordello at The Truman
  • May 15
    Denver, CO, US Gogol Bordello at Mission Ballroom
  • May 16
    Salt Lake City, UT, US Gogol Bordello at The Union
  • May 19
    Tucson, AZ, US Gogol Bordello at The Rialto Theatre
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