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Girl In A Coma
Exits & All The Rest

Girl In A Coma - Exits & All The Rest

Exits & All the Rest, Girl in a Coma's 4th album is the most heart-stopping turn yet. From sharing stages with their heroes to experiencing Arizona's controversial laws firsthand, the album was born in an especially intense period for the band. 'Hope' is a pogo ready punk assault that speaks to the Arizona immigration dispute while daring you to stay still.

Album opener 'Adjust' is a tale of persecution and a sonic minefield. Nina Diaz's voice turns from a lament to a growl in a split second while the thundering combination of Phanie Diaz's drums and Jennifer Alva's bass rattle your ribcage. 'Smart' showcases GIAC's own special recipe for a melodic pop song. The stomping rhythm of future GIAC anthem 'Control' lays a foundation for Nina's voice to build empires of heartbreak on.

The stamp San Antonio's music scene has left on the band is all over the album; from punk to tejano to indie all contributes to a sound that can only be described as Girl in a Coma.

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  1. 1. Adjust
  2. 2. One Eyed Fool
  3. 3. Smart
  4. 4. She Had a Plan
  5. 5. So
  6. 6. Cemetery Baby
  7. 7. Knocking At Your Door
  8. 8. Hope
  9. 9. Control
  10. 10. Sly
  11. 11. Mother's Lullaby

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