New Releases For September 23, 2016

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
Broken Lines

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra - Broken Lines

“Supergroup” isn’t a word that often sits well with a lot of music fans. For some, it conjures thoughts of bloated egos battling for creative control. For others, it brings to mind flash-in-the-pan projects that lacked a lasting impact. William DuVall, frontman for Alice In Chains, is ready to change everyone’s opinion on the subject with Giraffe Tongue Orchestra (GTO). DuVall, joining forces with Brent Hinds of Mastodon, Ben Weinman of the Dillinger Escape Plan, drummer Thomas Pridgen of Mars Volta, and bassist Pete Griffin.

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"Blood Moon"


  1. 1. Adapt Or Die
  2. 2. Crucifixion
  3. 3. No-one Is Innocent
  4. 4. Blood Moon
  5. 5. Broken Lines
  6. 6. Back To The Light
  7. 7. All We Have Is Now
  8. 8. Everyone Gets Everything They Really Want
  9. 9. Fragments & Ashes
  10. 10. Thieves And Whores