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Mississippi Blend

Ghalia - Mississippi Blend

You can’t miss Ghalia Volt. She’s the natural-born rock star with the leather jacket and wicked grin, leaning from her album sleeve to offer you a hit on her hip flask. But the real Southern blend ain’t in the bottle, it’s on the songs. This is Mississippi Blend, an album as fiery and throat-burning as Delta moonshine. Six years ago, Ghalia was a best-kept secret, her days spent busking on the streets of the Belgium capital, her nights shaking the city’s blues clubs. But as a die-hard R&B and blues fan, the singer-songwriter found the siren call of America too strong to resist.

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"Gypsy Lady"


  1. 1. Gypsy Lady
  2. 2. Meet You Down The Road
  3. 3. Squeeze
  4. 4. First Time I Died
  5. 5. Lucky Number
  6. 6. Wade In The Water
  7. 7. Drag Me Down
  8. 8. Shake & Repeat
  9. 9. Release Me
  10. 10. Why Don't You Sell Your Children?
  11. 11. I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them