New Releases For April 7, 2015

Gentlemen Rogues
A History So Repeating

Gentlemen Rogues - A History So Repeating

Since early 2010, Austin TX-based Gentlemen Rogues have celebrated aggressive guitar pop, with punk-inflected energy, polished, precise songwriting, and hooks as sharp and sleek as the Rickenbackers they bang them out on. This four-piece features Danny Dunlap (vocals, guitar), Cordon Simons (guitar, vocals), Brandon Tucker (bass), and Josh Power (drums), and together they crank out catchy, amplified treble kickers, mixing powder keg intensity, classic melodies, and brash theatrics into a 200-proof distillation of brazen rock ‘n’ roll. All of which you will find on their new EP A History So Repeating released through End Sounds.

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"Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All"


  1. 1. Your Armageddon
  2. 2. Empathy For The Devil
  3. 3. A Little Respect
  4. 4. Thin As Thieves
  5. 5. Mocking Love Out Of Nothing At All
  6. 6. Cap In Hand