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Abacab (Vinyl Reissue)

Genesis - Abacab (Vinyl Reissue)

Part of the classic mid-period series of Genesis albums, after the departure of Peter Gabriel, with Phil Collins taking over on vocals. This is the band coming into its own – a sleek, stylish trio. Originally released in 1981, and includes the rampaging track “No Reply At All” (their hardest rocking song to date). This is a welcome reissue of this album highlighted by the 2008 mixes by Nick Davis & Genesis. Available on vinyl in the US for the 1st time in years, the LPs are deluxe editions featuring half speed mastering and 180g vinyl. Also available on remastered CD (out now).

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"No Reply At All"


  1. SIDE A:
  2. 1. Abacab
  3. 2. No Reply At All
  4. 3. Me And Sarah Jane
  5. 4. Keep It Dark
  6. SIDE B:
  7. 1. Dodo/Lurker
  8. 2. Who Dunnit?
  9. 3. Man On The Corner
  10. 4. Like It Or Not
  11. 5. Another Record

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