New Releases For November 10, 2009

General Elektriks
Good City For Dreamers

General Elektriks - Good City For Dreamers

The songs on Good City For Dreamers are carefully formed and executed, pulling not only from Stevie Wonder and the Beatles and Sly Stone but also West Coast sunshine pop, film composers, 80s synth-pop, indie rock, and of course, hip-hop and soul.

Good City for Dreamer sounds and feels like it was created by a full band, even if it was just RV on his Clavinet, his drum machines, his acoustic piano; everything, in fact, but the strings and horns.


  1. Take Back The Instant
  2. Raid The Radio
  3. You Don't Listen
  4. Helicopter
  5. Cottons of Inertia
  6. Little Lady
  7. Engine Kickin' In
  8. David Lynch Moments
  9. Gathering All The Lost Loves
  10. Mirabelle Pockets
  11. La Nuit Des Ephemeres
  12. Bloodshot Eyes
  13. Rebel Sun