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Gene Clark
Here Tonight: The White Light Demos

Gene Clark - Here Tonight: The White Light Demos

Here Tonight: The White Light Demos, offers a glimpse into the songwriting craft of Gene Clark at the inception of the compositions that would become his first '70s solo album, White Light, for A&M Records, released in August of 1971. His songs became more folky and stripped down as Clark swore he'd never again play electric guitar.

'There was no deadline,' says McCummings. 'He wasn't under any pressure. And as a result, the songs just flowed out of him. The lyrics were so pure. They don't come out of any manufactured experience.'

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"White Light"


  1. 1. White Light
  2. 2. Here Tonight
  3. 3. For No One
  4. 4. For A Spanish Guitar
  5. 5. Please Mr. Freud
  6. 6. Jimmy Christ
  7. 7. Where My Love Lies Asleep
  8. 8. The Virgin
  9. 9. Opening Day
  10. 10. Winter In
  11. 11. Because Of You
  12. 12. With Tomorrow

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