New Releases For May 29, 2012

Gemma Ray
Island Fire

Gemma Ray - Island Fire

Maverick UK songstress Gemma Ray has gone all out with her latest and most ambitious album, Island Fire.

True to previous form in terms of confounding expectations, the album is a trip through Gemma's ever-growing, over-flowing bag of tricks. From lavish orchestral alt-pop, to intimate stop-you-in-your-tracks tracks, to brooding psychedelia and much more besides. It shouldn't really make sense. On paper it probably doesn't. But that's the whole point of being taken by surprise, right?

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  1. 1. Alight!
  2. 2. Alive! Put Your Brain In Gear
  3. 3. Runaway
  4. 4. Troup De Loup
  5. 5. Fire House
  6. 6. Flood And A Fire
  7. 7. Make It Happen
  8. 8. Rescue Me
  9. 9. They All Wanted A Slice
  10. 10. I Can See You
  11. 11. Bring Ring Ring Yeah
  12. 12. Here Comes The Light
  13. 13. How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?
  14. 14. Eaten By The Monster Of Love