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Gary Nicholson
Texas Songbook

Gary Nicholson - Texas Songbook

Gary Nicholson... You might not know his name, but you do know his work. A consistent presence on the upper reaches of the country chart hit parade for the last three decades, his associations and collaborations read like an honor roll of notable talent in country and beyond: George Strait, Ringo Starr, Garth Brooks, Jeff Bridges, Robert Plant, Fleetwood Mac, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt are just some of the notable artists who have recorded songs written or co-written by Nicholson.

Nicholson's impetus for making Texas Songbook was his recent induction into the Texas Songwriters Hall of Fame. 'I've always wanted to make a truly country record. So I figured, okay, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this in Texas with all Texas players and with songs co-written by Texans. I'm just going to make the most Texas record I can possibly make and have fun doing it.'

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"Fallin' & Flyin'"


  1. 1. Texas Weather
  2. 2. Same Kind Of Crazy
  3. 3. Fallin' & Flyin'
  4. 4. Messin' With My Woman
  5. 5. A Woman In Texas, A Woman In Tennessee
  6. 6. Listen To Willie
  7. 7. Texas Ruby
  8. 8. Lone Star Blues
  9. 9. Talkin' Texan
  10. 10. Bless 'Em All
  11. 11. Live, Love, Laugh
  12. 12. She Feels Like Texas
  13. 13. Somedays You Write The Song