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Garland Jeffreys
Truth Serum

Garland Jeffreys - Truth Serum

Fifty years into his career, Garland Jeffreys is enjoying a creative second wind artists can only hope for the first time around. Jeffreys produced Truth Serum with support by James Maddock and Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm), and NYC's top session musicians: Steve Jordan (drums), Zev Katz (bass), Duke Levine (guitar) and Brian Mitchell (keys).

The album features material accumulated from over 75 cassette tapes - Jeffreys' preferred recording platform. Though Jeffreys has been releasing music since the 1960s, he has never been busier. 'Truth Serum,' Jeffreys describes, is 'the boiled down essence of where I am today.'

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"Any Rain"


  1. 1. Truth Serum
  2. 2. Any Rain
  3. 3. It's What I Am
  4. 4. Dragons To Slay
  5. 5. Is This The Real World
  6. 6. Ship Of Fools
  7. 7. Collide The Generations
  8. 8. Far Far Away
  9. 9. Colorblind Love
  10. 10. Revolution Of The Mind

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