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Garland Jeffreys
14 Steps To Harlem

Garland Jeffreys - 14 Steps To Harlem

Garland Jeffreys has been making provocative, personally charged urban rock and roll since the late 1960s. 14 Steps To Harlem, the third album in six years by this “beloved rock-soul-reggae singer-songwriter” (New York Times) was produced with James Maddock with guest spots by Brian Mitchell and Ben Stivers, a gorgeous duet with daughter Savannah and a radiant violin solo by Laurie Anderson, this record delivers what fans have come to expect from Jeffreys: edgy immediacy and literate, emotionally raw lyrics coupled with a still supple voice capable of singing in a practically limitless number of styles.

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"14 Steps To Harlem"


  1. 1. When You Call My Name
  2. 2. Schoolyard Blues
  3. 3. 14 Steps To Harlem
  4. 4. Venus
  5. 5. Reggae On Broadway
  6. 6. Time Goes Away
  7. 7. Spanish Heart
  8. 8. I’m A Dreamer
  9. 9. Waiting For The Man
  10. 10. Help
  11. 11. Colored Boy Said
  12. 12. Luna Park Love Theme

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